Blame It On Love

Blame It On Love ....... All Songs Written by Jeff Brisbin

Produced by DAVE MASWICK

Blame It On Love is my third Album, and It's the second one Produced by Dave Maswick, as he Produced Foreverly in 2017.

An incredible Group of World Class Players have made it what Critics, Musicians and friends have said is my finest and BEST Album to date.

Dave and I began the journey in the Making of Blame It on Love in August 2018. We had all the Songs decided on and we were on our way bringing them to a good place.

Then, as it always does, life took over and I had successful Surgery in December, 2018.

This resulted in almost 6 months with work on the Album at a standstill.

We got going again in the Summer of 2019 full steam ahead.

We were getting close to the end in February 2020, when the Worldwide Covid 19 Pandemic took over, again shutting us down for 5 months.

I had a dream of adding a Church Choir on two Songs, and more Horns on a couple ... but the Virus made that all but impossible.

We wanted to get the Album finished, so Creative thinking was at the Forefront.

Dave found us a unique and safe place where we could finish my final Lead Vocals in an Historic Music Venue that was shuttered due to the Corona Virus. that was great ... a Cello was added thanks to Pro Tools and the Internet with final Backing and Harmony Vocals added the same way.

The Choir, and additional Horns were relegated to the "regrets basket".

Mixing and Mastering were done and here we are ... FINITO !!!

The Players

Jeff Brisbin Lead Vocals, Guitar ... Andrew Brown Cello ... Joel Brown Nylon, Acoustic, Lap Steel, Backing Vocals ... Chris Carey Drums ... Jackie Dugas Backing Vocals ... George Fletcher Lead Guitar ... Danny Garcia Guitar ... Nate Giroux Saxophone ... Oona Grady Violin ... Sten Isaacson Mandolin ... Chuck Lamb Piano ... Michael Lomaestro Drums ... Jim Mastrianni B3 Organ ... Dave Maswick Bass, Guitar, Piano, Backing Vocals ... Brian Melick Drums, Percussion ... Sergei Niremburg Accordian ... Paul O'Donnell Tin Whistle ... Tony Perrino B3 Organ ... Johnny Saris Lead Guitar ... Graham Tichy Lead Guitar ...

The Stories behind the Songs

Blame It On Love

This Song is dedicated to my great friend and Musician, Forrest Jenkins. When his Mother called me to tell me he had passed away, I wrote the Song very quickly after I'd found a Video of him singing ... blame it on love in a line in a Song. I miss him very much. Nate Giroux's beautiful Sax steals the Show on this Song.

I Wish You Enough

I'd seen a story posted on Facebook a few times about an older Mother saying goodbye to her daughter at an Airport. As she said goodbye, she told her daughter "I wish you enough." Incredibly beautiful Piano from Chuck Lamb makes the Song.

New Years Day

Why can't we start over and resolve to do better, why can't it be our own New Year's Day anytime ????

Oona Grady on Violin, Paul O'Donnell with perfect Tin Whistle and Brian Melick's 6 Drum Tracks highlight this Track.

The One For Me

I used to sing this Song to my children when they were young at bedtime ... but what a good Wedding Song !!! Stately Piano and beautiful Accordian by Sergei Niremburg and Mandolin by Sten Isaacson harmonize beautifully.

For A Song

I had a conversation with a treasured friend of mine who is a prolific Songwriter. He said that I needed to write more Songs and create all the time. My loving response to him was the lyrics to this Song. Johnny Saris incredible Slide, Dave Maswick on guitar and Chris Carey owns the driving rhythm.

Always In Key

I wrote this about two dear friends. They'd been friends for many years and one of them passed away and it was hard to watch ... this just happened to me too. A friendship always in key ... is so very hard to find. Andrew Brown's elegant Cello brings it up a hundred notches, as does his father Joel Brown's beautiful Classical guitar{s}.

It's Just Love

Here's a Song that some have said is a bit 1965-ish Beatlesque. Rickenbacker 12 String by Joel Brown adds that flavor.

Ain't It That Way

This one I wrote when I was 15 in my Bedroom and added a Bridge around 3 years ago. Graham Tichy blew it up on Guitar.

The Only Feeling Felt

I wrote this one about life and how love came to be . Joel Brown's Lap Steel Guitar brought this Song to another place !!!

Not My Business

A fun Bluesy Rocker that George Fletcher's Guitar makes it soar. Dave's Bass is killer.

This Album was so much fun to make. I'm very happy. It's been said "it takes a village". In this case it took 18 Incredibly wonderful people and truly talented Musicians to bring it all together.


Dave Maswick is my George Martin, I can never thank him enough. I hope you enjoy listening.

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