Jeff Brisbin

Power Pop/Rock with heart ... great variety ... with soulful Vocals.


I've been "writing" songs since I was maybe 5 or 6 years old. I suppose you'd call it "making them up" when you're a little boy, and through the years my songs have come to me in many different ways.

The Album "Foreverly" has Pop songs ... Rockers ... Ballads ... there's even a bluesy/New Orleans/Dixielandish Trombone driven Tune.

You will hear threads and echoes of the Music I've loved all of my life on this Album.

This Album process began in Fall 2016 when I sent PRODUCER Dave Maswick ( Bassplayer in Legendary Band ...BLOTTO of MTV Fame) 30 Original Songs of mine.

We settled on 12 to work on ... and eventually we got down to the 10 Songs that make up FOREVERLY. They all just seemed to fit together well.

I want to share with you where these Songs came from.

All The King's Horses ... My youngest daughter was home from College and we were talking about Divorce. I am Divorced from her Mom .. my Parents were Divorced ... my wife was Divorced, her Parents too ... sadly it happens way too often. I wrote this very quickly from the parent to their child ... 'sorry this happened'. It's a Rocker !

Guitar Slinger Extroidinaire Johnny Saris with a rumbling, wailing Lead Guitar ... it sounds like an Indy Racer taking off !!! Just wonderful. The amazing Chris Carey's steady hands on the Drums, Don Young, Joel Brown, Dave Maswick and Jeff Brisbin on Guitar. Jeff Brisbin, Lead Vocal. Tony Perrino with that sultry Hammond B3 !!!

Foreverly ... My wife had given me a Birthday Card and she'd signed it "I will love you foreverly". I loved the word "foreverly" and immediately saved it in my phone thinking it would make a great Song Title someday.

We all know that we won't live forever. We don't like to think about it ... but when you lose loved ones, close friends, relatives, it makes you face your own Mortality. That's what the song "foreverly" is about ... at least to me it is, you may find other feelings or meanings there.

How will that special love that you were so blessed to have found stay alive ... when someone passes? This one's a Ballad !!

Featuring the incredible World Class Joel Brown ( he's the Guitarist in Dave Brubeck's "Triple Play" ) and Dave Maswick on Acoustic Guitars, Brian Melick on Percussion ... Jeff Brisbin Lead Vocal. and simply beautiful singular sound of Joe Gitto's jazzy Chromatic Harmonica !!!!! Wow ... over the top !

Face My Fear ... has a little Todd Rundgrenish/Steely Dan/Santana Vibe.

It features the beautiful Lead guitar work from the amazing Guitar-God Matt Mirable and a great groove.

Chris Carey plays Drums with perfection and Mike O'Donnell adds some stellar Electric Guitar. Dave Maswick plays Bass, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Jeff Brisbin on Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals and Joel Brown and Dave Maswick with Backing Vocals.

Love ... Love is not just a four letter word !!!! Indeed !
I was visiting with my son ... and the words and tune were in my heart until I got home grabbed my Guitar and could put it all down on paper. You might hear a little of George Harrison's influence in this one. World Class Joel Brown ... and Jeff Brisbin on Acoustic Guitars, Dave Maswick on Bass, Piano, Synth and Tambourine with the Super Solid Mike Lomaestro on Drums. A Mid Tempo !!!

Melody ... A few years back I wrote my wife a poem for Valentine's Day. Well, it was a poem because I just couldn't find a melody for it, it was supposed to be a song ! While I was waiting for her to get ready to go out for Valentines Day Dinner, I was sitting at the bottom of a staircase looking at the poem I'd framed for her ... there was a guitar nearby of course, I grabbed it and the "melody" came in 10 minutes ! A Ballad. Joel Brown and Jeff Brisbin, Acoustic Guitars, Dave Maswick ... Piano, Bass, Synth and Tambourine, is there anything Dave can't do? Johnny Saris plays a perfect "Harrisonish" Slide Guitar and the always amazing Mike Lomaestro plays Drums ... Ringo style!

I Will Wait For You ... There's a definite "Beatlesque" flavor on a couple ... especially "I Will Wait For You". Producer Dave Maswick, ( Bassplayer in the Legendary Band "Blotto") convinced me to take that song, which I'd written as a Ballad ... and turn it into a Rocker. He said "let's speed it up ... add a wailing harmonica ... a 12 String Rickenbacker Guitar for that jangly "Hard Day's Night" flavor ... and Ringo style drumming. He was totally right ... it rocks in a 1964/65 Beatley kind of way !!!

Amazing Rick Bolton plays that wailing Harmonica "Lennon style", Joel Brown rocks a 12 String Rickenbacker and Acoustic, Dave Maswick plays Bass, Electric Guitar and Chris Carey channels Ringo on the Drums. Backing Vocals Dave and Joel.

Just Like Tequila ... I was trying to write a Country Song ... this one has a Mexico/Carribean flavor ... think Jimmy Buffett ... nice groove, fun song. Dave Maswick plays Acoustic Guitar, and a sweet Lead Guitar Solo on a 6 String Bass !!! also a Farfisa Organ ... the amazing Brian Melick and Mike Lomaestro on Percussion. Jeff Brisbin on Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocal.

Same Old Moon ... This one is very dear to ... and right from my heart. Shortly after his Mom and I had separated, my 6 year old son Josh, asked me why we couldn't all still be together as a Family.I tried to reassure him that things would be alright ... I told he and his sister to look out at the moon every night from his window where he was ... and I would do the same where I was ... I said that we share the same old moon, same stars, same sky.

Beautiful Piano by the Extremely talented Matt Donnelly and exquisite Chromatic Harmonica by Joe Gitto. A Ballad.

Make Up Your Mind ... I wrote this one on a paper napkin in a Saratoga Restaurant. I envisioned a "Robert Johnson" style Blues Guitar player singing it. Well it doesn't sound like that now !!!
Now it 's a Bluesy, New Orleans style rave up. So many fantastic Musicians have their hands all over this: Matt Donnelly's Dixieland Piano, Hank Soto's southern styled Slide Guitar, Dave Maswick on Bass and Electric Guitar, Jeff Brisbin on Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocal and the incredible Tommy "Shields" Cheles whose soulful Trombone drives the whole Train along !!!! Rick Bolton, Mike Lomaestro and Jeff Brisbin on backing Vocals.

Letting Go ... Our lives are filled with goodbyes and last times ... seems like we're always "letting go" This is one we all can relate to.

Jeff Brisbin on Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocal , the supremely Talented Dave Maswick on subtle Bass, Tambourine and Synth.

I think you'll really enjoy this Album ... these Songs. I sure hope so ... please email me with your Feedback, Reviews, and thoughts.

We all share this crazy world together ... I'm so excited to share these songs to you !!!!

HUGE THANKS to all of these wonderful people and Musicians for the sweet, Rockin', Poppin' Sounds they put down on these Tracks:

SPECIAL THANKS to PRODUCER Dave Maswick. Dave, you are an incredibly talented Musician and Producer ... you guided me all the way, with great suggestions, and impeccable good taste. Foreverly would never sound like this without your brilliance. THANK YOU !!!!

THE AMAZING MUSICIANS Dave Maswick, Joel Brown, Chris Carey, Mike O'Donnell, Mike Lomaestro, Rick Bolton, Matt Mirable, Johnny Saris, Joe Gitto, Don Young, Tony Perrino, Hank Soto, Tommy "Shields" Cheles, Brian Melick, Jeff Brisbin.

HUGE THANKS for the incredibly beautiful Artwork of Sharon Dwyer Bolton ... simply THE BEST !!!!

Mastered by Jason "Jocko" Randall at More Sound Studio, Syracuse, NY

Special Thanks to Rich Gage.

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Uncharted Waters

Jeff Brisbin

Guitar driven Classic Pop/Rock that will make you think of Lennon/McCartney but with a style all it's own.

Jeff Brisbin is a songwriter's ... songwriter.

Influences: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, John Prine, Van Morrison, John Ondrasik, John Mayer, Ryan Adams, Don Henley.

His songs will resonate within you ...
they always tell a story, sometimes you might wonder if he's telling your story.

His CD "Uncharted Waters", features 15 original compositions .

These are some quotes from some reviews:

" beautiful", " it rocks, it pops, it sways " " these songs will stay in your head and your heart forever" " great vocals " " great songwriting and musicianship"
" a classic "
" his songs are right from the heart." " this man is a true troubador"
" Beatlesque"


Jeff started "making up " songs when he was about 5 or 6 , but wrote his first real song when he was 13.

Jeff is a seasoned live performer having played over 2,000 gigs all over New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Maine.

Jeff has great stage presence ... when he "covers" a song ... he makes it his own
when he plays you one of his originals ... he'll touch your heart.

We are proud to have him in the Broken Compass Family ... this music is going to make some noise!

If you enjoy these songs, tell your friends ... these songs deserve to be heard !

The album "Uncharted Waters" was produced by Vince Arpey aka "George Martini" at his own Arpstudio just outside of Saratoga Springs, New York ( )

The Musicians:

Vince Arpey Producer, played keyboards, synths, orchestrations, added percussion, background vocals.

Jack Kenyon played a most fluid, beautifully intuitive bass guitar everywhere.

The amazing Danny Garcia ( his fingers never leave his hands !!! ) played hot bluesy lead licks on "Different Things", and " Stillness In My Heart" and crisp rhythm electric guitar on "These Walls".

Tim Wecheglaer played a rockingly sweet violin on "These Walls" and "The Other Side Of My Life", with soulful mandolin on "Bridges" and "The Other Side Of My Life".

Ron Peacock played some "George Harrisonish" slippery slide on " Golden", a sweetly mournful lead on "She's Still There", a bluesy lead on "These Walls " & textured rhythm electric guitar on "Uncharted Waters".

Rick Bolton blew it up with his harmonicas on "These Walls" and "Then Came You", and made us all smile.

Demetria Koninis made her cello sing on "Uncharted Waters".

Pete Avens provided the solid bedrock backbeat on his drumkit.

Jeff Brisbin Artist/Songwriter ... wrote the songs and played acoustic guitar, sang lead and background vocals.

Katy Farone sweetly beautiful double tracked harmony vocal on "Sometimes" made the song soar.

Award Winning Graphic Artist/Designer Sharon Dwyer Bolton wrapped these songs in her brilliant artwork ....

These wonderful people just happen to be amazing artists and musicians ... and they gave me the gift of their time, their incredible talent and their hearts ... and you can feel it and hear it in the music we made.

Thanks to all of you, I'm so lucky ... I love you all ... it was a labor of love, and a gift I can never repay !!!

Much thanks to YOU LISTENERS ... who have taken the time in this busy world to listen to these songs!

Jeff Brisbin

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